Improvement of C5Cut Inappropriate Quality; Jam Specialists effort for More Productivity
Experts at Jam Petrochemical Company succeeded in improving the inadequate quality of C5Cut feed and producing high value-added products to increase the efficiency of the Olefin unit.
President in a Meeting with Petrochemical Activists
Dr. Rouhani praised an alteration of the petrochemical industry as a national honor.
Jam Petrochemical Assistant Director for Development & Planning Announces Corporate Governance Committee; Jam Petrochemical Company in the way of More Transparency
Jam Petrochemical Company, as one of the largest stock exchange companies in the country, has established a corporate governance system in the company and its subsidiaries.
The visitation of Adviser to the President and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade, Industrial and Special Economic Zone to Jam Petrochemical Company
[Adviser to the President and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade, Industrial, and Special Economic Zone visited the Jam Petrochemical Company during his travel to the south of the country and the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone.]
CEO of Jam Petrochemical Company: Trade Fair is the Gateway to Global Business
Dr. Saeedi spoke about companies that represent their latest findings at events such as the K-show and said: New paradigms, concepts, orientations, products, equipment, processes, and technologies are being shared at the event and provide a suitable arena for contracts, as well as renewals of covenants and treaties.
K2019, A good opportunity of Jam to Show its Capabilities
Negotiation with 180 consumers of Polyethylene and Polypropylene in the preceding days of K2019 is Jam's supreme success at the trade fair.
Jam in Global Markets
Planning for constant presence in the global market is one of the main goals of Jam Petrochemical in the export development of petrochemical products.
Jam Petrochemical Company at the K2019 Trade Fair alongside the Petrochemical industry leaders
Jam Petrochemical Company is presenting at the K2019 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany with the slogan "Innovation, Creation, Sustainable Solution" alongside the leaders of the petrochemical industry.
Jam Petrochemical has the potential to play a key role in the petrochemical industry
Mohammad Reza Saeedi, “Jam has the potential to play a key role in both petroleum product development, market development, variation, and the market.”